IGNITETM platform is a unified content management system + learning management system + instructional management system.

We enhance the learning experience in the classroom and online by nurturing human interactions. IGNITETM lets you

  • Easily integrate and customize new apps and tools into the teaching environment.
  • Scale, share, analyze all content which includes all conversations (automatically recorded) on your platform
  • Create user friendly dashboards for students, faculty, mentors and admin to see work progress, powered by built-in assessment, in a secure portal
IGNITETM platform

Enhance Learning Experience 101

To be effective and engaging, you need an agile system that integrates an array of existing and emerging apps and tools all into one platform. This platform makes learning a dialogue between educators/facilitators and students/trainees. Learning that can be constantly revised, recorded, measured and scaled.

Increase performance

Your material is easy to understand as you break it into bite size material in the IGNITE platform. Students & trainees have higher retention of content due to enhanced emotional connection from increased engagement from you and from industry experts

Educational Training Solutions

  • Content Organization
  • Aggregated Social Collaboration
  • CBE assessment

Corporate Training Solutions

  • Real-time feedback
  • Project Management tools
  • Performance Analytics


Educational Institutes

Every educational institute has the same goal of providing the most useful education to their students so that they are best equipped to thrive in the real world. That can be a daunting task for schools and universities as they attempt to increase enrolment and number of graduates among the millennials. In order to sustain themselves, institutions are scrambling to find the best online platforms to share their courses, open enrolment to virtual students and still try to scale metacognition electronically among students.

What IGNITE can do for you:
  • Helps you test, get quick feedback, revise and share changing content as you teach your students
  • You can get your students to create content by automatically recorded poignant conversations between your students and you, mentors or industry experts
  • You can lower dropout rates in your classroom by quick responses to their specific questions and measuring engagement. Your students get help when they need it, vs. simply presenting a non-vetted solution to an expert at the end of a learning module or course
  • You can help your students build relationships with mentors and experts during the project cycle so they become part of the talent pool for future job opportunities
  • Your students can get aggregated skills and strength reports based on AI and natural language processing technology.


There are more job opening available in the US today than at any point since the Bureau of Labor Statistics first started tracking vacancy data back in Dec 2000. Yet, the percentage of adult Americans working or actively looking for a job stands at 62.6%, the lowest in 40 years! This is because people don’t feel confident about their job training and don’t even bother applying. And even if they were confident, they don’t have a way to prove it beside getting creative on a resume.

What IGNITE can do for you
  • Provide detailed skill maps, mastery and independent testimonials for your trainees throughout their career
  • Help you understand your employees behavior and motivation so you can align them to projects where they have a higher probability to grow and perform
  • Give your trainees access to training content before, during and after the training as a repository of easy to find information and remove anxiety of lost retention of subject matter
  • Generate scalable vetted content such as conversations between trainees and experts on specific concepts to help future trainees learn


IGNITETM : integrates the best of content, learning and instructional management systems.The features that differentiate the platform are:

Record & store all your communications

You no longer need Skype, phone, messenger, go-to meeting, and Snagit to record your conversations in separate apps. All the conversations get automatically recorded through our built-in teleconferencing tools in IGNITETM.

Help your students right when they need it

Mentors, industry experts and facilitators from anywhere in the world can be added to each group. Security and privacy is maintained as each addition is invitate only. Students can ask questions and interact with them during training vs. only during sharing the results at the end. This direct engagement ensures the success of every student. On going feedback, increases accountability and reduces the need to deploy remedial programs after failing a course.

Scale your best training content

Your best training content can be defined as the most popular, engaging and helpful dialogue between students and teachers. Through IGNITE, you can detect what content is working best and embed those useful training conversations into specific topic in your specific learning module. This real time, self-generated resource can then be used for all future courses, hence building your IP asset library with content that works.

Be in control of the entire workflow of the course: Students can move through the learning modules at their own “fast” pace with supporting resources tagged into each activity and they get to see where they stand as an individual/group as part of the learning phases.

Login ONCE: Our system can integrate with your other applications making it easy to use within IGNITETM With single sign, you do not have to login several times or work on different platforms in silos. This also allows for future data analysis from other applications.

Do only what works: On IGNITETM, you can gather precious student behavior data and analyze interactions to show effectiveness of content. Use these metrics to tweak your instruction style. Best practices can then be scaled across all campuses that result in operational and training cost savings with quick turnaround.

Remove Anxiety of learning: The design of the CMS is focused on giving the end users control on how they can divide content and being able to get feedback for every bite size portion of instructional content. Asking students to do one activity and offering feedback for each portion automatically micro-manages their learning experience; so they feel accomplished after completing a task.


We believe that the only way to remain at the forefront of building and growing the most agile platform is by creating an ecosystem of feedback globally. Please reach out to join our community to help build the best engagement tools and content to students and trainees.

Sign up for a Demo

Get a 7 day trial so you can upload your own content and explore all the ways that you can share your content with your community, get precise feedback and be able to enrich your library through real, pertinent conversations on topics you are trying to teach between your students/trainees and facilitators.


Imagine being able to impact people in classrooms or training centers anywhere in the world. As human beings, it is our innate nature to share and grow. We validate and revise our concepts only through sharing what we know with strangers who are eager to learn and debate us on what we know. As organizations, we must keep our ears to the ground so that we can constantly innovate through bringing in the best talent and aligning their motivation to our company projects. As subject matter experts, IGNITE gives you the opportunity to plug into our secure portal so you can share, record and reuse your expertise with groups in a classroom so they may learn faster through conversations with you.

Content curators

If you are a trainer, an academic or an entrepreneurs wanting to share your content as a course, sign up a for a demo and trial to see how IGNITE can help. You can breakdown your course into activities, add multi-media resource files and collaborate with your students through our secure portal.

Engagement testers

The art of engagement continuously keep re-defining itself based on demographics, ethnicity, use of technology in the community you are trying to interact with etc. As engagement testers, we will work with you set up pilots, test courses, revise them and create new content with you to help you serve your educational, corporate and nonprofit initiatives.


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